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Great gifts for (great) girls

by Sarah Shapiro |

There is always a challenge about getting a gift for someone else. Will they love it? Will they even like it? Is it special enough? Here are our tips for finding the perfect gift.

1) Think about what they love and not just what you love. Are they obsessed with rainbows and color? Is her hair always up with a cool scrunchie? Know someone that loves Harry Potter? (We've heard this makes a great gift for a Potter fan.)

2) Stock up. Having a gift ready is important. Either plan out ahead a few months or better yet, purchase when you see something that you know will be great even if the birthday or holidays are months away. Just remember where you stashed it! We like to purchase 6 at a time so we always have something handy. Plus it feels like every weekend there is a birthday party around here.

3) Think about the wrapping. That can be part of the gift too. Think about stashing in a fun reusable pouch or bag. Less to throw away or recycle also. Add a special touch with a handwritten card or cute drawing of what you love about the recipient. 

4) Want something totally personalized? We love custom jewelry and stacking up bracelets that are super unique and one of a kind. Just like girls.

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