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Caring and cleaning for pierced ears

by Sarah Shapiro |

So you've got pierced ears! Yeah, now you can wear tons of fun earrings. But it is also important to know how to keep those piercings clean. Let's break down some of the important stuff.

🧼 Wash hands before you touch your ears or clean your piercings.

☁️ Using a cotton ball, swab or reusable organic cotton rounds, apply rubbing alcohol or antibiotic lotion to the lobes and piercings. Clean the entire area - front and back.

And if you are wondering about what earrings to wear, this quote From Parent's Magazine is a good reason why we at Rosie Bold went with surgical stainless steel posts for all our pierced earrings.

"When choosing earrings, which metal is best?

Surgical stainless steel earrings and posts can be your best bet -- especially because this metal doesn't contain nickel or any alloys that might cause an allergic reaction."